A new Facebook group has formed for Grayson County women, encouraging members to share their blessings and show their support for others.

Blessing of Grayson Co. For Women was started this past Sunday by Leitchfield resident Dorthie White as a way for women to come together and show each other support by sending gifts and messages to one another.

Five days after starting, the group had nearly 1,000 members, many of whom took to the page to share stories about themselves, their lives, and their families, as well as to provide support to others going through trials.

Members may share their Amazon wish lists in the group, and other members have the opportunity to purchase items from those lists and have them delivered. 

But, White said, the group is about much more than just giving gifts. 

She said the idea for establishing the group came to her after strengthening her relationship with God.

"I haven't always been close to God as I have need to be," she said. "One of my dear friends, Tracy, suggested that we come to her church, The Restoration Place, last January. I was just planning on going there to just show up to make her smile, but it became so much more than that; my family grew more and more, wanting to do God's way."

White said she spoke with her husband last week about a feeling that God was calling her to do more with her life, and, this past Sunday, she was added into a Facebook group called Gifting for Women with over 47,000 members supporting one another through comments and gifts.

White said she was moved by the overwhelming support that the group members had for each other but wanted to make a group for the local community that was not only about gifting items for other people but being there for them in a time a need, offering prayers to them, and being able to pray and cry with them when they need it.

"This group is not only for gifts, but it's for prayers to be able to talk about God - to be able to share our testimonies of what God has done for us," she said. "You never know when just a simple, 'I'm praying for you,' will lighten up your day."

White said she hopes the group can bring some light and hope to the Grayson County community, and, so far, she has had many people already reaching out to her in appreciation for making a local group and telling her how much it has actually already blessed them.

The group can be found by searching for "Blessing of Grayson Co. For Women" on Facebook.